Friday, July 17, 2015
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Art Stroll in Historic Dublin


The Dublin Area Art League and the Historic Dublin Business Association are teaming up to present it’s annual Art Stroll,  Friday, July 24th – Monday, August 10th.  This year we are having a stand alone event rather than pairing it up with the Paint Out.
We need to know NO LATER than July 2nd, if you would like to participate.  Each artist will get to display at least two works in one of the participating businesses in Historic Dublin.   We will match participating artists with vendors on July 2nd.   Each artist will be contacted and will visit their location at their convenience before the 10th of July.  We are asking that you speak with the owner about display area, and what type of pieces may work best for both of you.   We have agreed to have you show four works to the owner, and for them to have final selection of two for the stroll.  The pieces should be in place no later than Friday, July 24th, to stay in place for at least two weeks.  
Here is the list of members who have expressed interest:
1.  Pat Getha
2.  Sidney Finneran
3.  Gaynelle Sloman
4.  Karen Jesko
5.  Cindy Bryden
6.  Lara Rizzotto
7.  Alessandro Canella
8.  Kathy Gatto
9.  Maggie Boggess
10.Dawn Petrill
11.Bev Goldie
12.Kar Shepherd
13.Meenakshi Goel
14.Pat Carbone
15.Judy Coggins
16.Nancy St. Clair

Please check spelling, and if you are still committed to doing this event, let Bev GoldieThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     793-0836) know. Others can still sign up until July 2nd   You’ll need to  contact your selected business within the next few weeks once we have the final list of participants and businesses.  You will show the business owner four items from which they will select at least two.  Items will be hung no later than July 24th and picked up no later than Monday, August 10th.  Please withdraw your name if you cannot participate… Bev will be adding your name and phone number to the brochure.
      ~If a member needs to borrow a DAAL hanging screen or stand for a three-dimensional work, they can do so with proper advance notice.
      ~The store would not be responsible for theft, but would make every effort to keep the artwork as secure as their  own merchandise.  The artist should have their own insurance coverage.
        ~DAAL will provide brochures, flyers and signs for each participating shop or business.  There will be a specific door décor to denote an Art Stroll location.  
        ~If someone was interested in purchasing an artwork, the merchant would refer the request to the artist.  They would not be responsible for taking money in any way.
        ~ Each artist would bring, hang and pick up their own work.  We will provide an entry tag for each artist to display on the front of their  work.  This will be blank and each displaying artist will fill out their  own.  Pick up date is July 12th .
       ~The success of  this effort hinges on many individuals.  It is our hope that we can build a good relationship with the shop owners and do other programs like this in the future.
 In addition - Save the date of Thursday, August 6thto be present (if possible) to show additional work, do a demonstration, explain what you are presently working on, bring your tools of your trade or simply be present share your media etc. for the “Cool” Evening in Historic Jig.  We’ll be forwarding additional information for your participation.  This is optional – and highly recommended for you to promote your work and the Art League.  There will be two bands, specialty cool drinks and frozen treats, a “coolest dog in sunglasses pageant”, wading pools with floating duckies, Sunglasses on the Kiwanis Frog sculpture and the Bri-Hi Square fountain sculpture etc.  We encourage outlandish sunglasses!  The HDBA will be sponsoring and promoting the event.  We are to make and install the sunglasses on the sculptures.  (If anyone wants to assist me with that, I’d appreciate it.) Any questions - Contact Bev Goldie (  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     793-0836). 

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