Sunday, October 13, 2013
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DAAL Artists Featured for Contributions to President's Cup


Two DAAL members contributed to the Dublin Mayor and Bev Goldie Unveil painting - Dublin Through John Shields Eyescelebrations surrounding the President's Cup Golf Tournament. Bev Goldie was commissioned to create a commemorative painting for the event. Prints were created to present to visiting officials and participants. Read more about Bev's oil on canvas painting titled Dublin Through the Eyes of John Shields in an article from "Dublin Life" Magazine - right, Dublin Mayor Tim Lecklider and Bev unveil her painting.


Cindy Bryden received kudos from Hidaka USA, Inc. for her work on their sponsored golf ball. The golf ball, titled Cherry Blossoms in Dublin, resides at the corner of Coffman Road and Emerald Parkway. Get a sneak peak at

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