Friday, May 24, 2013
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Reception and Board Members - 2013 Spring Artist Members Exhibition


Reception - 2013 Spring Artist Members Exhibition

2013 Spring Artist Member Exhibition - Dublin Area Art League
Reception THIS THURSDAY, April 11th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  (this is also in lieu of April's monthly meeting)
Held at the Dublin Community Recreation Center located at 5600 Post Road, Dublin, OH 43017  (Click here for a map and directions)

All participating artists are asked to bring a finger food to share. 
Beverages, plates and napkins are provided.

Please feel free to invite family and friends to come view the wonderful array of artwork and enjoy a some time amoungst your community art peers and friends.


Remember to add the Pick Up to your calendar !!
  • Saturday April 27 - Pick up work between 9am and 11am at the DCRC

Best of show: $100; 1st Place: $75; 2nd Place: $50; 3rd Place: $25; 4th Place: $15; Honorable Mentions ribbons

Call Heather at 356-2093 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About the Judge - Brent Payne
The judge is Brent Payne, he is an adjunct faculty member of CCAD and has taught at Miami University. He's been in and is currently in a number of juried exhibits. 

Brent Payne’s “Pepper, Tuesday Morning, 8:33″

Artist statement
My aesthetics are firmly rooted in the visible world. Not the world at large, but the immediate places, spaces, and things in my own personal surroundings. On the surface my work appears to be a celebration of mundane objects, the overlooked and underappreciated, but the real content is the act of seeing and observing, and of course the process of painting. The inspirations and goals from the opening in the process of each painting are always different for the painting's endgame.

In the beginning my inspiration comes from the outside world.  The opening. I want to recreate a vision sensation. Many times it is an object or a space, or a combination of both, that I have seen many times before without reaction, but for whatever reason, it suddenly strikes a chord with me.  A combination of form, color, shadow, and light. I am filled with excitement and I rush to recreate that sensation in the form of a painting or drawing. Somewhere between the midway point of the process to the end of the painting, the focus shifts and I am not as concerned about capturing the scene on canvas exactly as it is before me, as I am with what is actually happening on the canvas itself. I become concerned with the relationship of forms and colors. Why not make abstract paintings? I'm too in love with the visible world. I come full circle. My goal as an artist is not to create something preordained, but to find visual stimulation from my immediate environment and reproduce a similar sensation in a paint.

My current work focuses on two areas, interior scenes and small scale still lifes. The interior scenes are inspired from my immediate environment: my studio and my home. They are the initial glimpse that sparks the process. I am recreating a transitory situation that has left an impression with me. I want to contemplate and explore the unique characteristics of space and form in my environment. The process for the still lifes are similar to the interiors, but there are additional concerns. The source of inspiration expands beyond my immediate environment. Often it comes when I'm shopping or walking out in nature. Many objects are discovered in the fruit and vegetable section of the local grocery store.  Again I will be struck by a particular tone of color, the intense red of a cherry, or the beautiful round form of a tomatillo. It is with the single still life that I am attempting to recreate the spiritual, meditative quality of Rothko.  And in all of my work I want to create a silent sort of mood, a sense of quietude that can range from tranquility to a brooding solitude.   

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Officer and Committee Chair Roles

The Dublin Area Art League (DAAL) is a community of busy, creative people; and we know that it’s a challenge to add one more thing to your plate; but without people willing to serve in leadership roles, the League would cease to exist.
Good News! Some members recently expressed interest in serving in a leadership role for the coming year – see the list below.

Do you see yourself getting involved on a deeper level this year?
If so, call Jean Moffitt, at 614-580-8780, or Dennis Velco, at 614-254-2629

Officer Roles in the Dublin Area Art League:
President: Karen Shepherd – Pending vote and other interested members also able to be considered

Vice President: Bev Goldie – Pending vote and other interested members also able to be considered

Secretary: Open _____________

Treasurer: Open  _____________

Term: One year; elected at the May meeting each year

Bonus: Add an officer role or chairmanship to your Artists’ Resume!

Role Descriptions

Oversee all the activities of the organization; preside at all membership and executive board meetings; appoint committee chairmen; seek financial aid for the League, directly or through an appointee; and form ad hoc committees as needed.

Vice President:

Serve as chairman of the Program Committee; preside at meetings in the absence of the president; discharge other duties as necessary.


Keep minutes of all regular membership meetings and executive board meetings; handle correspondence for the President; serve as meeting Parliamentarian.


Collect all dues; disburse funds as directed; maintain accurate financial records; and prepare financial reports monthly for the executive board.

Committee Chairs:

Promote membership growth by encouraging guests to consider membership benefits; work with the Treasurer to keep the membership list updated; answer membership inquiries as they are received; and report activities to the executive board.

Send out DAAL Newsletter, meeting notices, and other announcements, as directed by the executive board; contact area publications and websites to promote DAAL events and meetings.

Arrange for refreshments at various DAAL meetings and events, as directed by the executive board.

Oversee various member exhibits, as directed by the executive board, and performed by the following subcommittee chairs:

Keep a running log of local businesses willing to display members’ art; provide opportunities for all members to sign up for display space and time; contact new businesses in the area for additional member exhibit opportunities.

Spring (or Fall) Show Chair:
Set the theme; select dates in conjunction with the DCRC and the executive board; send out a call-for-artists invitation to all members; secure a show judge; arrange for set-up and tear-down of display equipment; print postcards, show brochure, etc as needed; assist judge in awarding prizes at show reception. (more details are provided, along with mentorship of the previous show chair)

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Attached you will find the 2013 Fine Arts Prospectus (and the Youth Arts Guidelines.)
I hope you plan to enter this year, and feel free to forward to anyone you think may be interested.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Download the following PDFs:
Prospectus 2013
Youth Arts Guidelines

If you have any difficulty in accessing and downloading the PDFs contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy or contact Pamela O'Loughlin directly.

Pamela O'Loughlin
Fine Arts Exhibition, Director
Ohio Expo Center & State Fair
717 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211
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The Ohio Expo Center is home to more than 150 events each year, which contribute approximately $478 million to the state and local economy. Don’t miss the 2013 Ohio State Fair, July 24 – Aug. 4!
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The Ohio Expositions Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider.
This message and any response to it may constitute a public record and thus may be publicly available to anyone who requests it.


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Please contact Karen Jesko at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (614) 214.6442 if there are any changes, questions or sign ups for the following DAAL Gallery Exhibit opportunities. Karen has the Gallery notebook which contains photos of each exhibit space and the approximate number of paintings/photos that can be shown at each of the locations. She is glad to share information about the exhibit spaces and welcomes new exhibitors. Exhibit opportunities range from space for 2-3 items to 10- 12 items.

Where there is a "______" means it is open for you to display your work.  Contact Karen to grab it while you can.

SEE THE SCHEDULE ONLINE under Artists - Artist Display Schedule at any time.


Apr - Rachel Ramm and Kar Shepherd
May - Cindy Bryden and Heather Rawlins
June - Shary Flory and Karen Jesko
July - Jennifer Herman and  Adia Garrity
Aug -  Irish Festival Art   (call for artists forthcoming)
Sept - Ruth Ann Mitchell and Lyn Mazey
Oct - Kathy Gatto and Nancy StClair
Nov - Mindy Newman and Anda Tudor
Dec - Sherry Simone and Gaynelle Solman


April and May - James Essex
June and July - Heather Rawlins
Aug and Sept -  Barb Eisenhardt
Oct and Nov - Jennifer Herman
Dec and Jan 2014 - Robie Benre
( "JIG" Months only, Ha'Penny request guest artist to participate during the "JIG" first Thursday evening of the month)

May -  Bev Goldie
June - Maggie Boggess
July -  Marcia Blackburn
Aug - Kar Shepherd
Sept - Jennifer Herman
Oct - __________
STARBUCKS, 19 West Bridge Street

Apr - Heather Rawlins
May - HeeSoo Jeon
June - Kar Shepherd
July - Jim Essex
Aug - Jennifer Herman
Sept - Maggie Boggess
Oct - Sharyl Flory
Nov - Gaynelle Sloman
Dec - Karen Jesko

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