Saturday, January 12, 2013
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NOTICE - Adding all DAAL Members to Website


daal-logoAll paid members will be having their profiles administratively added to the DAAL Website where in your name and website if provide will appear on the Artists - Member page of the site.  From this page site visitors may click and go directly to your DAAL Profile page and / or to your own website. 

This again costs you nothing.  It's included in your DAAL Membership Dues. 

If you are a member and DO NOT want your profile to be created on your behalf and publicly visible on the site, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating so. 

You do not need to wait for this.... you can at any time go onto the DAAL Website and create your profile.  That only means less work on the Administration side and will be appreciated.

To achieve a full public member list, if you have not done so already we'll be creating a DAAL Website Profile on your behalf with the registration information we have on record.  The system will automatically send you an email to your registered email address with log in information and a link to activate your Profile.  In that email your system automatically assigned private password will be provided.  When you log into the site with that assigned password you may then change it at any time to something more remember-able.  Also, if you have forgotten your ID or Password, within the Member Log-in area you'll find at the bottom of that box a "Forgot Log-in" link.  This will reset your password to a temporary one and provide you a link to reactivate your account. 

We strongly encourage you to log into your profile and complete it as thoroughly as possible to include:

  1. a Profile Icon Image (some use a photo of themselves while others choose a representative piece of their artwork)
  2. a short "About Me" statement about you or your work (less than 50 characters is most ideal)
  3. a more robust Artist Statement (composed in a word processor and copied / pasted into the profile box.  This should be between a paragraph to a full single typed page.)
  4. choose the genre of your artwork (may choose all that apply)
  5. finally to create up to 20 Image Albums where in you may place up to 30 images 

20 Albums X 30 Images is a whopping 500 potential images.  On each Album and Image you may place a robust description of your artwork.  When creating your Albums be sure to set it to PUBLIC so that they are visible on the website to everyone. 

Technical Tid-Bits

  • While the up to 30 images in each Album maybe arranged and rearranged to suit your desire, the Albums cannot be re-ordered.  They appear as they are entered.  If you'd like them to be in a chronological order, simply create Albums from the oldest to your most recent works. 
  • Once you have your DAAL Online Profile completed, wait a week and then pull up Google and search it for your name.  You hopefully should see your DAAL Profile within the top results.  Congratulations!!  You can now be found on the internet. 
  • For those with your own website, having a profile listing here with your web address pointing to your website not only provides exposure on the DAAL site, but it actually HELPS your own website ranking within Google search results.  If you don't see it, try adding the word "artist" and hit the search button. 
  • Now send all your friends an email with a link to your DAAL Profile.

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