Saturday, November 17, 2012
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Fall Member Art Exhibition Reception and Website Tips & Benefits


Fall 2012 Show "Burst of Color”
Reception THIS THURSDAY, November 15th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
Held at the
Dublin Community Recreation Center located at 5600 Post Road, Dublin, OH 43017  (Click here for a map and directions)

All participating artists are asked to bring a finger food to share. 
Beverages, plates and napkins are provided.

Please feel free to invite family and friends to come view the wonderful array of artwork and enjoy a some time amoungst your community art peers and friends.

2012 Fall Member Artist Exhibition - Dubling Area Art League Please keep the Saturday December 8th on your calendar for Pick Up art between 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.


About the Show Judge

Susan Hidy is an Ohio native who has always had an interest in the arts. Drawing and portraiture was a strong interest in younger years which led to a degree in the fine arts, graduating with a BFA in 1980 with an emphasis on drawing and painting. Susan free lanced for several years after college and took a job in an art gallery and custom frame shop. This became a strong interest and in 1989 opened The Final Touch Art and Frame Gallery in Dublin, Ohio and pursued this for ten years. After being closed for nearly 12 years Susan will be starting a framing business again under a new name November 1, 2012.


Best of Show: $100; 1st Place: $75; 2nd Place: $50; 3rd Place: $25; 4th Place: $15; Honorable Mentions ribbons

DAAL Web Site Featured Artists

The new Dublin Area Art League web site has on it's home page top front and center rotating featured artwork of some of our members.  Moving forward with THIS Fall Member Show the winners of the above Prizes will have their artwork displayed (assuming permission granted) in this prime location on our website with a link directly to your DAAL Website Profile page.  Each Fall and Spring show this will happen providng new and fresh artwork every six months and the ability to feature our wonderful member artists in a new way.  Artist will be responsible for supplying an electronic image of the winning artwork to be featured.



Holiday Party

Mark your calendars !!  The DAAL Holiday party will be on FRIDAY - December 14th from 6:30 - 9:30 pm being held again this year at the wonderful home of William McClure and his partner Mark.  Please see the website Meetings page to alway stay abrest with what important dates are on the horrizon including this event.  We'll have more information in the next Newsletter that will be out near the 1st of December

Web Site Tips & Benefits

Local Business Display Schedule and opportunities - Did you know that now this can be viewed at any time on our DAAL Website under the menu option "Artists" and then "Art Display Schedule".   No longer do you have to hunt for the last Newsletter.... just go here. 
There are a few openings left noted by a "_________".  You'll find Karen's contact information on that page to fill an open space.  Do it now before they are gone.

Have you completed your DAAL Website Profile? -- If not, here are some good reasons to do so: 

1. Get Found on the Internet - Most of the profile content is available and searchable on the site and thus the full internet.  One member who stated that she does not yet have a website of her own has completed her profile and within just days doing a Google Search for her name landed her DAAL Website Profile page in the top 5 results of the Google Search results... Front Page.

2. Artwork Images - Most if not all other local art league require a member to pay an additional fee to have a profile page and to upload images of their artwork.  DAAL does not with this new website.  Your $20 membership gets you our informative in person meetings, ability to display in our member shows AND a DAAL Website Profile.  Uploading artwork images is very similar to uploading images to Facebook.  We allow up to 20 albums and up to 30 images per album.  That's up to 500 total images.  With each album and profile you are able to provide a robust descripttion of each.  Note that Albums are displayed in the order of entry with the most recently entered being first.  Albums cannot be arranged differently at this time.  If you want your albums to be in a certain order, please keep this in mind and enter them in the order you desire.  Photos WITHIN an Album however may be re-arranged at any time after they've been uploaded. 

4. Contact and Links - When someone visits your DAAL Website Profie - they'll see your contact info, website link if you have one, your artist statement, the areas of art you do, and have the ability to Email you directly from the DAAL site ... without making your actual email address public - this helps keeps your email from being over loaded with SPAM due to email scrapers. 

5. INVITE your friends to join DAAL and our great new site.  We've made it super easy and cool too.... After you've created your profile choose the INVITE menu option.  Go through as many of the social media platforms supported that you belong to.... and BAMM... it will pull up a listing of all your connections on that social media site.... simply select those you'd like to invite and submit.  The system tracks your invites and you can see what has been processed under INVITE - History.  I will note that while I was using Facebook to invite some of my peeps... the system seemed to like me to limit each session to around 15 - 20 invites.  I just did it a few times to get everyone invited who I thought would love the group and the site.  Give it a try. 

6. Access your profile any time from under the Artists menu and then My Profile.

7. Documents - When logged in you'll see a few more menu options up at the top.  We are striving to place all meeting minutes under Documents - Meeting Minutes and you'll find the Organizaiton's By Laws and Constitution there for your review.  Addtionally you'll find the Show Guidelines which detail how to put on one of our Member Art Shows while allowing you creativity... this is meant to help make you confident in volunteering to run one of our shows in the future knowing too that you'll always have a mentor from the last show. 

8.  Submit a Blog / News Entry - You may submit a blog / news posting via the Blog Submit feature.  After submission it gets held in a que for content and technical review.  If approved it would appear on our Blog area.  Currently we are leaving the definiton of this broadly open as we'd love to have DAAL members submit blog entries for a varity of things.   Maybe you have a technique you'd like to share, or a great event, or just a write up about your current process in your artwork or maybe it's a posting about your work being displayed in a venue.  Be creative.... maybe it's your poetry.  And don't be shy.. if you first do your blog posting in a Word Processor it's as simple as copy, paste, submit... for the most part.... that's why it goes through a content and technial review before posting live on our site.  Note that if this becomes popular we have the ability to turn on personal individual blogs on profiles.  This is currently not active until we see if an how the general Blog is used.

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